A traffic study done by Laredo PD and TxDot identified both high risk roadways that have a higher incident of accidents than average and also the most likely contributing factors to those accidents. The roadways identified were Loop 20, McPherson Rd, Saunders Ave. through Hwy 59 and Mines Rd. According to the report 95% of the time, these same roadways top the list of high propensity for car accidents. The factors are drivers distracted (cell phone use), speeding, disregarding red lights, and no use of seat belts. 2016 more than doubled the fatalities on Laredo Roadways than in 2015. In 2016 there were 29 fatal crashes, as compared to 13 fatal crashes in 2015, 10 of those deaths were due to no seatbelt. In 2016 there were also 2,097 injury crashes and 3,297 injured persons (passengers, pedestrians, etc.). In 2016 Driver Inattention contributed to 1,269 crash factors. From September 12-18, 2017 most accidents were reported between the hours of 12 noon-8 pm. In addition, most accidents were reported on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays. From September 12-18, 2017 a total of 158 traffic accidents were recorded by Laredo PD. Starting tomorrow, Friday October 06, 2017 there will be a noticeable police presence at these identified sites throughout random times of the day. The mission is to change the driving behavior before there is an accident on the roadways. We ask for cooperation and compliance with all traffic laws and posted speed limits. Thank you.