Arturo Garcia

Officer Arturo Garcia was killed on November 6, 1917. Officer Garcia was walking when he and Francisco Hernandez met at San Francisco Avenue between Jardin and Bruni streets. Hernandez, a former section hand on the Texas-Mexican railroad, was riding on a wagon when he saw Garcia. He jumped down and approached the officer. What was said prior to the shooting is unknown. Hernandez fired three times with his .38 caliber revolver, shooting Officer Garcia in the left back side, the bullet passed near his heart, and exited on the right side causing instant death. The shooting was near Hernandez’s home. One newspaper report stated that Officer Garcia had stepped out of his vehicle and was standing against a fence near the home of Hernandez. Witnesses said a few words were spoken and Hernandez opened fire thus striking Officer Garcia once in the side of his body as he turned away.

When Officer Flavio Molina heard the shots and rushed to the scene. Francisco Hernandez was allegedly standing over Garcia with the pistol in his hand. The suspect admitted he shot the officer and surrendered himself peacefully to Officer Molina. Hernandez was arrested and brought to the police station. He was later transferred to the county jail.

Pedro Ayala

Officer Pedro Ayala was killed on June 11, 1936, while investigating a traffic accident at the 300 block of Matadors.  He was struck by a passing vehicle.

The driver of the vehicle was arrested for Driving While Intoxicated.  Officer Ayala served with the Laredo Police Department for 28 years.

Juan Novoa

Officer Juan Novoa, age 34, was killed on July 07, 1945.  Novoa, accompanied by his partner, stopped to investigate two suspicious persons at the corner of Matamoros and San Agustin.  Suspects were ordered to accompany them back to the station, but they refused. 

One of the suspects pulled out a .38 Caliber handgun and shot Officer Novoa 4 times.  Both men were arrested and charged with Murder. 

Eugenio Luna

Officer Eugenio Luna, age 47, was killed April 26, 1947, while answering a burglary in progress at a grocery store on Clark Blvd. 

As he entered the store, he was shot by one of the three burglars inside the store.  Even though Officer Luna was wounded, he went after the burglar and subdued him. 

Susano Castillo

Officer Susano Castillo, age 45, was killed on June 09, 1962, while answering a call about a man that had barricaded himself inside his residence. Officer Castillo approached the armed, mentally ill man and pleaded with him to turn himself in.

As Castillo came forward, the deranged man fired through the window with a .22 caliber rifle and mortally wounded Castillo in the chest. The assailant was arrested and committed to a mental institution.

Pablo Albidrez

Officer Pablo Albidrez, Jr., age 27, was killed on July 31, 1976. Officer Albidrez was called to assist a narcotics officer at the 1100 block of Santa Maria Avenue. The suspects had been seen near the river banks loading some sacks that the narcotics officers believed was marijuana.

Officer Albidrez arrived at the scene and was met by gun fire as he stepped out of his patrol car. The two men involved in the shooting were arrested. One was sentenced to life in prison and the other was given the death penalty.

Victor Serna

Officer Victor Serna, age 29, was killed on September 11, 1984, after responding to a disturbance call at the 1900 block of San Jorge. After arresting two persons for causing the disturbance, a juvenile threw rocks at the officers.

The officers chased the juvenile into a house. As Officer Serna entered the yard, he was mortally wounded by another suspect. The suspect was later arrested and convicted.

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