Laredo PD identifies high risk streets and roadways

A traffic study done by Laredo PD and TxDot identified both high risk roadways that have a higher incident of accidents than average and also the most likely contributing factors to those accidents. The roadways identified were Loop 20, McPherson Rd, Saunders Ave. through Hwy 59 and Mines Rd. According to the report 95% of Read More

Crime Rates at Glance / 8 Year review

We are posting our 8 year crime stats for anyone new to Laredo or just one of our citizens wanting to glance our decreasing crime rates over the last few years. There are annual reports for a more detailed look at website under the annual reports tab. Thank you. Today, because of the extraordinary Read More

Officer helps man walk

Downtown officer Juan G. Rodriguez, who is seen assisting a gentleman walk down the street. The man was very weak and took him 25 minutes to walk a block and a half. The term “lean on me” has a new meaning in this picture. This man was helped by the officers, who waited with the Read More

Smores Wars

The local Girl Scout Troops held their “Smores Wars” yesterday evening where the various troops cooked an array of culinary concoctions and new spins on the tasty camp fire classic. The Girl Scouts invited Laredo PD’S Officer Tycola Moses to be a tasting judge at the event. The event also included some of our local Read More

Texas Open Carry Law Information

Texas Open Carry Law Information Open Carry Law takes effect January 1, 2016. Citizens with a license to carry will be able to legally carry a handgun openly or concealed. With the enactment of the Open Carry Law, it may become common to see individuals exercising their right to carry a handgun openly. Citizens should Read More

Open Carry Laws / Prohibited areas and Posted Businesses

There are specific locations where carrying a handgun is prohibited even when properly carried with a valid license. Those locations include: 1. A room where a governmental entity subject to the Open Meeting Act is conducting a meeting if notice has been given that handguns are not allowed 2. Physical premises of a school and Read More

Laredo Police Department Explorer Post 468 competes in Tulsa, Oklahoma

The Laredo Police Department Explorer Post 468 competed in the 2015 TLEEAA State Competition. The competition, four days, included 54 agencies with 96 teams from the State of Texas and Tulsa, Oklahoma. The LPD Explorer Post 468 competed in four individual events; NEVO course, Triathlon, Bicycle Course and Physical Agility Course. The LPD Explorer Post Read More