We are posting our 8 year crime stats for anyone new to Laredo or just one of our citizens wanting to glance our decreasing crime rates over the last few years. There are annual reports for a more detailed look at Laredopd.com website under the annual reports tab. Thank you.

Today, because of the extraordinary police officers and civilians who risk their personal welfare and their dedication to their duties, the city of Laredo is more secure.

Population census; 2009 = 232,078 // 2016 = 260,401 (12.2% increase)

•Criminal offenses noted above were selected as the ones that the public and media track on a regular basis.

•Source: Laredo Police Department Uniform Crime Reports

•2,093 fewer violent offenses and 6,834 less property crimes = 8,927 offenses that did not take place in 2016 compared to 2009 with an overall reduction of 40%.

Success is not measured by the number of arrests, but by the absence of crime”-Sir Robert Peel.