There are specific locations where carrying a handgun is prohibited even when properly carried with a valid license. Those locations include:

1. A room where a governmental entity subject to the Open Meeting Act is conducting a meeting if notice has been given that handguns are not allowed

2. Physical premises of a school and grounds, school bus or any place where a school function is being conducted

3. A high school, college or professional sporting event

4. Church, synagogue or other place of worship

5. Secured area of an airport

6. Polling or early voting location, while voting is in progress

7. Premises of any government court or court office

8. A business with a TABC license that derives 51% or more of its income from the sale of alcoholic beverages for on-premises consumption

9. Hospital or nursing home

10. Racetrack

11. Amusement park

Businesses and property owners may prohibit concealed and/or open carry on their premises. Those businesses may post notice at the entrance to the property that prohibits carry. They may also give verbal notice that open or concealed carry is prohibited. It is unlawful to disregard either of the notices posted.



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